Friday, June 30, 2017

Niche PC 001: Some Tennis Lovin

Niche PC 001:
Some Tennis Lovin'
[No Niche Logo Yet]

When I was a kid I used to pronounce the word niche as "Nitch" since I had never seen the word written and had only heard a mispronunciation of the word.  I associated it with a similar word "Nook" as in a book nook. Personally I think the nitch mispronunciation sounds better for the physical divots when referring to the word's noun usage as a "shallow recess" like a nook. When referring to the adjective use of the word's "small specialized appeal" the real pronunciation of "neeesh" is preferred especially with trading card PCs. OH maybe it was being pronounced as "niissh" and I heard a T.

When it comes to collecting cards there are many collectors who have niche sub-collections in their PC, or they may concentrate only on their niche. There are as many niche categories as there are collectors. Just as there are team collectors and player collectors there are odd ball collectors, perhaps that is the biggest type of "niche" collection? There are collectors who niche collect their local college, or their college Alma mater, players from their hometown or state, players from a specific country, players with the same first name, last name, birthday, birth month, birth year. Cards that show their sport's championship trophy, players chewing bubble gum (or chewing tobacco), players not wearing a cap or uniform, players in a different sport uniform, Baseball players with a gigantic glove, Baseball players with two or more bats, players holding a ball, Well you get the idea.

For many years I didn't have what I would call any niche PCs. Sure I PC'd my homie DC and Baltimore teams and many many too many players I liked. For the most part I still collect those same players and a bunch more. I have always been into some of the "odd ball" cards of various kinds. It wasn't until recent years after seeing several bloggers talk about their niche PCs that got me into the more obscure or finer detailed niche collections. I forget who the first blogger was that coined the "niche" category but at first I thought some of the categories were very silly even some of the categories I now collect myself. At one time I tried to niche PC players from the general DC area (including Maryland and Virginia Suburbs) but that is too large a scope for a niche PC, I now limit the local "homie" players (from my home area) mostly to those who attended The University of Maryland or are originally from Silver Spring Specifically.

Other than My Homie Teams (DC and Baltimore teams) and Players I PC my niche collections include: My birthday 04 April, Players from the University of Maryland (preferably in a Terps Uniform), mascots, players with similar names to myself both first and last name. Sometimes it opens the scope of the niche up a bit too much. It also opens up my collection to other sports and more odd ball things.

So this post is labeled as the first episode of a series of "Niche PC" cards.

The FIRST card for this post I got from Sportlots from an auction in their "other cards" section since it is of a sport that is not in the Big Four of Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball. As it is a Tennis card, yes Tennis I'm not into that sport (even though I love the women's short short short skirts) but this is a niche card so specific sport be damned.

This tennis star has my first name incorporated into her last name. Jessica Kirkland.. So it falls into the Kirk Name Niche Collection.

2013 Leaf Ace Authentic Grand Slam Tennis: Autograph: BA-JK1 Jessica Kirkland

I got the card for the opening bid of 25¢ + $3.39 shipping. It was one of three packages or PWEs that arrived on my Birthday (04 April). This particular PWE or rather PYE (Yellow/Mustard/Gold instead of plain white) came from Ontario, Canada with a cute little stamp.

On a side note I do find Miss Kirkland attractive. Now now maybe its just the little white short skirt. Since starting the draft for this post I have added another Jessica Kirkland card to my Name Niche PC

2007 Ace Authentic On The Line: Autograph: OT-8 Jessica Kirkland RC

This one came from Ebay for $5.99 Free Shipping on the First of May. Not from Canada but from the Other Washington, Washington State. From Shoreline to be more specific (Approx 9 miles North of Downtown Seattle according to Wikipedia). Believe it or not the sticker is silver/chrome not lime green as it appears due to the reflective scanning. I'm not sure if my scanner has the ability to adjust light refraction, it might, I haven't really bothered changing many of the settings for fear of putting my ancient Epson Flatbed Scanner permanently out of alignment.

Man those Tennis card makers sure do love those silver/chrome stickers for the autographs. Of course I prefer real ON-CARD Autographs, but for the card makers the sticker-autos are more efficient. Topps and the other big boys mostly use clear stickers now, the silver ones are more often for higher end products. The On-Sticker Autographs or Stickergraphs as one blogger calls them. I forget who coined that one, or was it Labelgraphs?

As I said this is the first of a new post series that may or may not have any additional posts. I like the idea of a series of niche PC cards. My first draft of this post I had titled it "Name Niche PC 001: Some Tennis Lovin'" but that would mean I would have to start some other Niche PC series: Birthday Niche, U o MD Niche and maybe a few others. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CK42 Trade Post: Previously Trading Thursday

31 May 2017
Previously Trading Thursday

This series of posts was previously titled "Trading Thursday" from now on I'll post on whatever day I choose and call it "CK42 Trade Post", or maybe no special title. It doesn't have the silly alliteration I like to use for series post titles but what the heck. My Blog My Rules!

As with the previous Trading Thursday posts, these posts make up my "to trade" list without the hassle of a huge list that takes a long time to load, read etc. My main goal is to get them out of my card hoard by any means possible by trade, sale or just give-away. I'd prefer one of the first two options, but whatever.

I might just end up making updates to the trade list page I am in the process of creating (initially to track these posts) and do away with regular trading posts.

On the other hand I need to get better organized before I can get serious about trading specific cards. 

New Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

6 unopened packs of 2016 Leaf Draft Football. 5 cards per pack. These cards show the players in their college uniforms. Unfortunately they don't indicate if the team the players were drafted by. A quick Internet search of the player can determine that, but it can get tedious. One of the reasons I'm not thrilled with Prospect and Draft cards of any sport. Sometimes the players never make the pros.

More unopened packs. This is a slightly larger lot of 9 packs of 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection Baseball - 5 cards per pack. These are some nice vintage looking type cards. Unfortunately these cool cards suffer from the modern unlicensed product disease of missing team logos and team names. But most people know The Babe was mostly a Yankee, OK he started as a Red Sox but spent most of his career in those recognizable Nu Yawk pin-stripes.

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

Trading Thursday Posts:
A Set And Singles: 1993-94 Classic Draft Basketball
The Return?: 2015-16 Donruss Basketball from pack pulls
This One Is On Eleven: Basketball, Football and Non-Sport tall boy sized
A Fifth Of February: Mixed bag of Baseball, Basketball and Football
Experiment Number One: 3 cards total 2 hockey relics, 1 baseball auto
CFL Trading: 2015 CFL Football cards from a single box break

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Strive For '65 Saturday: A Poker Hand Sight Unseen

08 Apr 2017
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
 Current card count: 262/598 (264/600) 44.1%

Here is the link to my last update that included a special "variant" bonus card that doesn't count in the grand tally of the set. This update includes a couple of unintended dupes, but the card count did go up a few.

Monday 03 Apr 2017:
I ended up winning a Sportlots auction 5 card lot of 1965 Topps Baseball. A week or so ago I had tried for another card lot from the same seller but didn't win that 10 card lot. Both lots the one I won and the one I lost were sight unseen the seller doesn't include scans in his auctions either he doesn't bother or he doesn't have the ability to. I'm thinking the latter. He manages to get his lots sold though. He uses as was evident with the packaging for the lot I received.

Since I had no image to go by and he didn't list the card numbers I was flying blind with this lot. I had feared that I might end up with 5 cards I already had. Fortunately there were only 2 duplicates in the lot. All of the cards were in excellent shape so I might swap these dupes with my previous copies depending on conditions. As I said earlier I had tried for a 10 card lot of '65s but lost that one. This lot I thought I would loose as well especially since the bid went from my original 25¢ bid up to $1.25 fortunately that was the highest it went and I was high bidder. Shipping was also high at $5.00 ouch. I'm guessing a lot of that was the handling via BMCN. The cards were each in penny sleeves. the 5 card lot was sandwiched between two card sized pieces of cardboard (pretty good box cardboard) and sealed in a clear plastic bag/pouch, and that pouch was in a larger plastic "team" sized bag. OH actually I think the "team" bag was a bubble bag that was sealed shut.

One of the pieces of cardboard "bread" had a "BuyMyCards.Net" stamped on it, plus the return address and mailing label had the BMCN on it so I knew where it came from. I'm going to look into that place if all the shipping is done this nicely. So here are the 50+ year old cards for my ancient set build I got.

84 Ron Herbel Giants(dupe)
93 Jack Fisher Mets
100 Ken Boyer Cardinals (dupe)
315 Frank Malzone Red Sox
365 Jim Gentile Athletics

The Latest Additions:
Monday 03 Apr 2017:
84 Ron Herbel Giants(dupe)
93 Jack Fisher Mets
100 Ken Boyer Cardinals (dupe)
315 Frank Malzone Red Sox
365 Jim Gentile Athletics

Monday, April 3, 2017

2012 Opening Day Macots Set

2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots Set

2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots: M-2 The Bird Baltimore Orioles

I originally started drafting this post ages ago. Like a ton of other posts on this blog. Yeah I have more than a few dusty posts in my drafting queue here and on my other two blogs. A very long while back (around 2013 something) from Ebay I got the 2012 Topps Baseball Opening Day Mascots insert set (numbered M1-M25). Got it for $22.99 + $3.50 shipping. Not a steal or a deal but I have seen them for way more.

The Opening Day set is almost identical to the flagship set with the exception of the "Opening Day" logo with the red, white, and blue bunting on the front. For players they usually use the same photo from the flagship set, but not always. The Mascots are not part of the regular flagship set they are the only picture in most cases of the mascot for that year. Some of them make cameo appearances on player cards or their team cards. I recall some years they have had variant picture cards for some of the players interacting with the mascots for special short prints. The backs of the cards are like the flagship backs not much different. The card numbers for the mascot cards for 2012 use the "M - #" format. There are 25 cards in the set. I used to mistakenly call it a "sub-set", but the numbering indicates it is a separate insert set.

2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots: M-2 The Bird Baltimore Orioles Back

Most of the 30 MLB teams have mascots, the Angels, Dodgers and Yankees are the only teams without an official, or unofficial mascot. Years ago the Yankees had a mascot from 1979-1981 named Dandy he was a strange looking beast. I couldn't decide which picture to post from my searching so I didn't. You'll have to Google, or Bing or Yahoo search to see what the fella looked like. I'm not sure if I'll get around to featuring him at all since I don't think he is officially on a card, even though the blog? Baseball Think Factory dot org has a mock-up 2011 Topps Opening Day card showing him. The Cubs used to be mascotless but in 2014 they announced Clark the Cub as their official mascot, their first official mascot in ages. In 2012 for this set Clark was not yet discovered. The only other team mascot NOT in this set is Lou Seal of the Giants, for some reason he was left out of this set, yet he is in others. In some cases a team has more than one mascot, but only the official mascot or the most popular one is shown in this set. I hate when they leave some of these guys out.

An odd thing about this set is the card for Homer The Brave of the Atlanta Braves is the only card that is landscape (horizontal) oriented. The rest are the standard portrait (normal vertical) orientation.

2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots: M-8 Homer Atlanta Braves
Front and Back

M-1 Bernie Brewer Brewers
M-2 The Oriole Bird Baltimore Orioles
M-3 Ace The Blue Jays
M-4 Baxter The Bob Cat Diamondbacks
M-5 Fredbird Cardinals
M-6 Raymond Rays
M-7 Mr. Met Mets
M-8 Homer The Brave Braves
M-9 Rangers Captain Rangers

M-10 Pirate Parrot Pirates
M-11 Billy The Marlin Marlins
M-12 Paws Tigers
M-13 Dinger Rockies
M-14 Phillie Phanatic Phillies
M-15 Slugger Royals
M-16 Wally The Green Monster Red Sox
M-17 Gapper Reds
M-18 Slider Indians

M-19 TC Bear Twins
M-20 Swinging Friar Padres
M-21 Southpaw White Sox
M-22 Screech Nationals
M-23 Mariner Moose Mariners
M-24 Stomper Athletics
M-25 Junction Jack Astros

Today (Monday 03 April, 2017) is Home Opening Day for my Homies the Washington Nationals they kick things off at home with the Marlins. Screech will be there cheering on the Nats.

2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots: M-22 Screech Washington Nationals
Front and Back

Look for my weekly occasional feature on this blog "Mascot Monday".

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Strive For '65 Saturday: Trying To March Along

18 Mar 2017
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
 Current card count: 259/598 (261/600) 43.6%

Well this set build is crawling, inching or rather micro-millimetering along. Here is the link to my last update which wasn't as long a gap as the previous time between updates. Looks like this update only increases the count by one card, even though I had gotten two 1965s recently. Explanation with card descriptions.

Saturday 25 Feb 2017:
1 card Sportlots auction 75¢ + $1.85 Shipping
568 Ron Taylor Cardinals. No special story with this card. I did bid on another Sportlots auction for a small handful lot of 1965 cards, I forget how many were in the lot maybe no more than a dozen, but I low-balled a little and got outbid.

 1965 Topps Baseball: 568 Ron Taylor St. Louis Cardinals

Wednesday 01 Mar 2017:
1 card purchased from Ebay as BIN. $7.16 Free Shipping.
574 Roy Sievers Senators - on card autograph in blue sharpie ink. OK so this card I already had a copy (which I show first below). So it doesn't get included for the "Strive For '65" card count. There was no "certificate of authenticity" (COA) for this card/purchase. I don't know for sure if it is a legitimate signed in person or through the mail autograph, but I will think that it is. I have no plans to sell it at anytime so that point is sort of moot as it is for most of my other signed cards. I like it that is what matters to me. I should blog about this card on my Curly W Cards blog.

1965 Topps Baseball: 574 Roy Sievers Washington Senators
my previous non-signed copy with light written in "6" in blue ball point ink for some weird reason

 1965 Topps Baseball: 574 Roy Sievers Washington Senators
On card autograph in blue sharpie

For some reason whenever I look at Roy's '65 card I keep thinking he is the manager.

The Latest Additions:
Saturday 25 Feb 2017:
568 Ron Taylor Cardinals

Wednesday 01 Mar 2017:
574 Roy Sievers Senators: Autographed

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Washington Wednesday: Have A Coke And A Smile

Have A Coke And A Smile
1981 Topps Coca-Cola Washington Redskins Team Set

Mid to Late January I ordered some small sets from from Larry Fritsch Cards. Included in the order was a set I have been wanting for a while. I think I already had a card or two from this set but it is always nice to have the full thing. For 20 bucks I got the 12 card set of the 1981 Topps Coca-Cola Washington Redskins Team Set. The set consists of 11 player cards and a set title card.

No Number Set Header Title Card
1 Coy Bacon
2 Wilbur Jackson
3 Karl Lorch
4 Rich Milot
5 Art Monk
6 Mark Moseley
7 Mike Nelms
8 Lemar Parrish
9 Joe Theismann
10 Ricky Thomson
11 Joe Washington
 The back of the Art Monk card is not miscut. I just had that card too far over to the edge of my scanner and didn't notice until I was cropping the images. I didn't want to rescan it.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Strive For '65 Saturday: A Major Catch-Up

18 Feb 2017
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
 Current card count: 258/598 (260/600) 43.5%

Man I really suck at this set build. The last update was way back in August last year. It has been a few months since any of these latest cards came in, but I failed to mention them anywhere other than in my mail day posts on the few card forums I still haunt. I didn't even update my need lists here on this ding dang blog. To say I NEED to get ORGANIZED is a huge understatement.

Monday 05 Dec 2016: Sportlots Auction 1 card $1.25 + $3.60 shipping
588 Lenny Green Red Sox

Monday 12 Dec 2016: 2 Sportlots Auctions $4.80? shipping
455 Norm Siebern Orioles $1.50
514 Joe Azcue Indians $1.75 for all 3
584 Harry Bright Cubs
594 Joe Gaines Astros

The Latest Additions:
Monday 12 Dec 2016:
455 Norm Siebern Orioles
514 Joe Azcue Indians
584 Harry Bright Cubs
594 Joe Gaines Astros

Monday 05 Dec 2016:
588 Lenny Green Red Sox

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trading Thursday: A Set And Singles

26 Jan 2017
A Set And Singles
Updated: 02 Jul 2017

This will be the last "Trading Thursday" post from now on I'll post on whatever day I choose and call it CK42 Trade Post" if I give a post a special title. The new title doesn't have the silly alliteration I like to use for series post titles but what the heck.  I will set up a static page that links to the individual posts. My Blog My Rules!

I had been toying with the idea of making more frequent Trade posts and not limiting myself to just posting on Thursdays. This way I get more of my trading fodder known to the handful of readers I get here.  Actually I've been witnessing freakishly large page visit counts recently for both my card blogs, my regular non-card blog is still only getting a few visitors, some days making a record number of visitors, but mostly the usually expected very little traffic. These card blogs though. Maybe I'm finally doing something right, or got put on some traffic increasing Internet train.

This Week's Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

Sometime a while back I got a bulk ton of Basketball Cards. They were mostly the typical last few years and the Overproduced 1990s years. I think it was a purchase from a forum. The large box that arrived had several smaller boxes among the goodies were 1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball. Enough cards to make 2 complete sets, with a lot of duplicates. I am not huge on Draft cards mostly due to the guys who never get drafted and will remain unknown throughout time. There are only a hand full of cards from the set I wanted anyway. I have two complete 110 card sets available plus duplicates of many of the cards, not all obviously since I could only make 2 full sets.

Single Dupes: Updated: 02 Jul 17
1 (3), 2 (4), 3 (4), 4 (3), 5 (4), 6 (3), 7 (3), 8, 9 (3), 10 (3), 11 (3), 12 (3), 13 (4), 14 (3), 15 (4), 16 (4), 17 (3), 19 (3), 20 (3), 21 (3), 22 (3), 23 (4), 24 (4), 25 (2), 26 (3), 27 (3), 28 (4), 29 (4), 30 (3), 31 (3), 32 (3), 33 (3), 34 (3), 35 (4), 36 (4), 37 (3), 38 (3), 39 (3), 40 (3), 41 (3), 42, (4), 43 (3), 44 (3), 45 (3), 46 (3), 47 (3), 48 (3), 49 (3), 50 (3), 51 (3), 52 (2), 53 (3), 54 (3), 55 (3), 56 (3), 57 (3), 58 (3), 59 (3), 60 (4), 61 (4), 62 (4), 63 (3), 64 (3), 65 (3), 66 (3), 67 (3), 68 (3), 69 (3), 70 (2), 71 (4), 72 (3), 73 (3), 74 (3), 75 (3), 76 (3), 77 (4), 78 (3), 79 (3), 80 (3), 81 (4), 82 (3), 83 (3), 84 (3), 85 (3), 86 (3), 87 (4), 88 (4), 89 (2), 90 (3), 91 (3), 92 (3), 93 (3), 94 (3), 95 (3), 96, 97 (4), 98 (4), 99 (3), 100 (3), 101 (3), 102, (3), 104 (3), 105 (3), 106 (9). 107 (3), 108 (3), 109 (4), 110 (2)

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here. Click on links to see the cards that remain available. I update the individual pages as needed or when I can.

The Return?: 2015-16 Donruss Basketball from pack pulls
This One Is On Eleven: Basketball, Football and Non-Sport tall boy sized
A Fifth Of February: Mixed bag of Baseball, Basketball and Football
Experiment Number One: 3 cards total 2 hockey relics, 1 baseball auto
CFL Trading: 2015 CFL Football cards from a single box break